After we wrapped up our chat a couple of weeks ago, I did a little more research on how to accomplish the goal you were referring to, and I discovered that it IS possibly to create a page with a queue embedded and a "Copy to GQueues Account" button! We used the "Publish" feature to create the "Quick Start" page ( and it's available for you to use as well. You can find the steps below.

  1. Create a separate free GQueues Lite account (something like,, or and create the various template queues that you want. By doing this in a separate account, those tasks will never be mixed in with your own Smart Queues.
  2. In this separate GQueues account, once you have created the template queues, you can Publish those queues following these steps.
  3. Then you can either embed those published queues in a web page, or just keep a list of the links somewhere (in an email, Google Doc, bookmarks, etc...). For instance, here is a direct link to the "Quick Start" published queue (without it being embedded in another web page)
  4. Whenever you need a new copy of the template, you'll just go to the link, click "Copy to GQueues Account" and you are ready to go.